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Step 3 : Activate Leadership

This step deals with three aspects:

Leadership committee formation: Leadership committee must be decided upon competency fulfllment, personal traits and motivation towards the Change concept. The leadership committee must be a diversified constellation who will steer the change efforts; each in his area of specialization.

- Leadership committee preparation: "Change Leaders" must be acquainted with transformational capabilities and visionary insight .They must be equipped with all tools and skills needed for the transformation required.
Leadership committee must be trained and well oriented with the concept of "Change Leadership" and its transformational manifestations ,and must be trained on all new dimensions of "Change management" .And finally, they must be well equipped with the TRANSFORMâ„¢ Model tools and concepts.

- Leadership committee activation: After the committee preparation step; each "change leader" must be activated and placed in his area of influence .The "change leader" must start to form his own team of "change agents"; that will help him in planning, implementations and follow-up for his functional role.

This phase deals with:

1- Traits & Competencies
2- Roles & Responsibilities
3- Team formation

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