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Step 8: Realize Innovation

There is no successful transformation can be exerted on people without novel & innovative ideas.

Change team must stress upon innovation projects to vitalize the spirit of transformation within people, and to leverage their sense of differentiation between the past state and the present transformed one.

Change team must accomplish several successes along the change execution period .They need both the short-term and the long-term success as well.

"Innovation realization" emphasizes two integrating meanings:

1. The ability to continuously make innovation successes real and life.
2. The ability to realize and acknowledge innovation successes to keep the spirit of achievement.

Realizing small successes build an accumulated record of wins, empathizing progress and leverage more belief in success.

This step deals with:

Innovation project's planning.
Innovation matrix & its categorization.
Realization table.
Challenges beating chart.
Opportunities catching chart. 

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