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Step 2 : Research The Context

This phase compliments the pre-requisite diagnostics; it deals with a more deep research about the environment affecting the organization, the needs of change, and the causes of the problems. This gives the change team an opportunity to discuss what they see as issues, concerns, challenges and opportunities facing the organization.

It helps the change team to explore the different aspects that need change; whether it is cultural, structural, process, technical, managerial or technological. The research phase is concerned more with the behavioral part of change. It helps to dissect the culture of the organizational members and explore what behavioral areas are the organizational members have and what behavioral aspects need to change.

This step deals with:

The internal and external factors affecting the organization.
Cultural issues that will affect the change process.
Attitudes or behaviors need to be changed.
Funding sources & budget needed.
Challenges expected to face the change process. 

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