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Step 1 : Trigger Alertness

This phase lies between the "Pre-requisite" step and "Research the context" step .It is considered an alarming signal for the audience, to start a psychological preparation for them; and to gain more time to complete the research; while preparing people for readiness.
Alerthness and Emergency must be in a form of warning that needs immediate action .It must be in one or more pillars of human affecting factors. It had to be broad and smartly transparent to prepare people's mind to think about the problem, and be more ready to accept change.
This step is considered a continuous process along the Change management plan .Triggering messages may be change or modulated according to the phase and advancement in the change implementation .It aims to keep the audience always alert and triggered.

This phase deals with:

Factors affecting Humankind and its relation to the warning messages.
The warning Message; its Complexity and Rationality.
The Maturity Pyramid which reflects the complexity of message and maturity of receivers.
The Emergency Success Rate, its monitoring and how we can reach highest effect. 

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