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becoming a partner

The TRANSFORM Alliance application process helps TRANSFORM ensure that partner organizations meet the same high standards of market knowledge, integrity and customer satisfaction that TRANSFORM sets for itself.

All applications undergo rigorous review to ensure that TRANSFORM customers can seek assistance from TRANSFORM Alliance members with the confidence that these organizations have the full support of TRANSFORM.

TRANSFORM Alliance Program Guide

The TRANSFORM Alliance application process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Complete the TRANSFORM Alliance application available online at www.TRANSFORM .com/alliance.

Step 2: Once an application is submitted and reviewed, the TRANSFORM Alliance Team will determine whether to accept or deny the application.

Step 3: If an application is accepted, the TRANSFORM Alliance Team will work with the applicant to complete the appropriate TRANSFORM Alliance Agreement and the Development and Demonstration Model Supplement for TRANSFORM™ Model use.
Completion of TRANSFORM™ Model licensing documents will be required prior to the Model being provided.

Step 4: A joint business plan is developed for Platinum, Gold and select Silver members.

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance into the TRANSFORM Alliance is based on an organizations ability to meet the requirements for the program.
Those requirements are outlined in the program overview sections.
A thorough review is made of each application.
The goal of the TRANSFORM Alliance is to form long-term relationships with organizations whose corporate goals and identity complement those of TRANSFORM
benefit our mutual customers and are mutually beneficial for TRANSFORM and the alliance member.
TRANSFORM reserves the right to approve or reject applications that appear to be inconsistent with the goals of the TRANSFORM Alliance.

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